Night In Oaxaca, M.I.C.O.P. Photo: County of Ventura
Atelier Clara Mari, Artist. Photo: Ventura County Coast
The One Oh One Collective. Photo: Heber Pelayo
New West Symphony. Photo: Eugene Yankevich
Artist: MB Hanrahan. Photo: Marie Lakin
Simi Valley Community Orchestra. Photo: Fred Bauermeister
Talking Nardcore. Photo: County of Ventura
Los Braceros. Photo: County of Ventura
Dia De Los Muertos 2023 Photo Credit OPAC 2

Dia De Los Muertos, 2023, Courtesy of OPAC


Supporting Arts, Culture, and Creativity In Ventura County

The soul of Ventura County lies in its rich cultural history and the vibrancy, creativity, and dynamism of its diverse communities. These qualities that make our county such a great place to live are also the ones that energize the regional creative economy. We are embarking on an exciting journey to celebrate, elevate, and invest in creativity in our community: Ventura County’s first Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Strategic Plan (ACCESP). 

ARts, Culture, and the Creative Economy

In Our Community

Ventura County's Map of Arts & Culture

Share Your Experience

Car Shows. First Fridays. Festivals. Symphony. Surf Contests? Theater? E-Sports Tournaments? The Ventura County Fair? All the above?  

We want to know how you participate in arts, culture, creativity in Ventura County.  What are the events, locations, and experiences that are important you and your friends and family?  This map will help us understand what defines the Ventura County experience- and how we can best support the communities in our county. 

The Creative Economy in Ventura County

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