Share How You Define Arts & Culture In Ventura County

The VC Creates Asset Map is where you can share the artistic, cultural, and creative spaces/places that are important to you.  The feature is coming soon. 

Asset Map

An important part of our strategic planning process is learning how our community participates in the cultural and creative arts across our county.  We want to know what events, locations, and experiences are important for you and your friends and family.

This map will help us understand all the “assets” that are important to our community.  This is not limited to museums, theaters, and art galleries.  This can be a coffee shop with a great open mic night, a favorite bar or nightclub with great music, a special mural, a car club meet-up spot, or anything else that lets “you do you!”

Asset mapping is a way to catalog all arts and cultural resources in a community. By having the community share their favorite events, places, and experiences, we can get a clear picture of what makes our county unique. It’s like creating a treasure map of all the things that makes Ventura County so special.  And we’ll be able develop ways to support and nurture these activities and places now and in the future.

We’ll be opening the asset mapping feature on the website very soon!  Get ready to share where you find your sources of art, culture, creativity, and inspiration.  Sign up on our mailing list to be the first to know when the feature drops.