An Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Plan for Ventura County

Ventura County’s first Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy Strategic Plan is intended to be a visionary document to guide and direct our efforts in supporting not only a healthy creative economy, but also leverage the social impact of the creative and cultural arts in our region. The plan is not just a blueprint; it’s a commitment to nurturing the soul of our cities, towns, and communities through boundless power of arts and culture.

Arts & Culture

A County Driven by Creativity

Envision a future where creativity plays a foundational role in every facet of daily life. Streets, schools, and public spaces become canvases for expression, showcasing our diverse cultures and stories. Arts and entertainment offerings become more accessible and representative. Residents are afforded new opportunities to pursue creative endeavors, either professionally or as hobbyists. The ACCESP aims to foster a Ventura County where art and culture are not just present but form the cornerstones of our identity and economic well-being.


Prosperity Through the Creative and Cultural Arts

The Strategic Plan will shine a light on the region’s untapped potential, ready to ignite the creative sectors of Ventura County. It will support ventures that blend artistic passion with economic ambition by transforming local businesses into vibrant cultural hubs. 

It will create workforce development pathways into the creative sectors and build infrastructure necessary for entrepreneurs to realize their visions. 

These efforts are about creating a thriving ecosystem where arts, culture, and commerce intersect, drawing visitors and fostering innovation, collaboration, and prosperity.

Strengthening Communities with Shared Experiences

Beyond economic growth, our plan will position art and culture as a medium for social engagement and community building. By creating shared spaces and experiences that celebrate diversity and foster a sense of belonging, proposed programs, policies, and initiatives will be human-centric and focused on building social cohesion. 

Through these communal endeavors, the plan envisions a future where arts and culture become a catalyst for unity, dialogue, and mutual respect.

A Unified Call to Action

This journey requires the collective effort of artists, residents, businesses, and public sector agencies alike. Whether you’re an artist seeking a platform, a resident desiring connection through art, or a potential supporter who believes in the power of cultural transformation, your role is crucial. Together, we can build a robust vision for the ACCESP. A vision drives creativity to every corner of Ventura County, where art and cultural experiences are accessible to all and are instrumental in shaping our collective identity.